9: Law Courts



Of three mid 20th Century buildings of note erected in the centre of Skipton, only two remain. Unfortunately, the Clinic, 9 High Street, has recently fallen prey to the demolition contractors, leaving the Telephone Exchange and the Law Courts.

The Law Courts were built to replace the previous building on Court Lane which still stands, but now put to use as The Church of Jesus Christ and the Latter Day Saints. The new building is constructed in local stone with môno pitched and flat roofs, those visible, finished in what appears to be sheet zinc. Similar metal panels are also in evidence to the spandrels of many of the mid floor windows. The well proportioned window frames themselves are in metal set in hardwood surrounds. Hardwood is also utilised in the other external timber features. The interplay of the various roof and wall planes result in a most interesting building, a credit to the Architect. The whole development is set in a well landscaped environment of appropriate grassland, trees and paving, a feature often neglected in this day and age.

In my opinion, this building is aesthetically excellent and should be cherished now and for the future.

Barry Rawson, Architect.