What we do

Our committee and members actively contribute to making Skipton one of the best places to live in Britain;

Monitoring and commenting on planning applications;

Promoting good urban design to meet local needs;

Contributing to development of the local planning framework;

Holding regular illustrated talks during the winter months (open to non-members as well as members);

Arranging trips to sites of interest;

Carrying out practical work on green spaces, such as tree planting or litter-picking;

Improving and conserving The Wilderness, Gawflatt Meadow and Mill Bridge open spaces;

Researching and debating issues to do with the local environment, built or natural, and local civic amenities;

Leading guided walks;

Producing publications that help residents and visitors find out more about the buildings, spaces, civic amenities and other features that help give Skipton its unique character;

Supporting the efforts of local groups or businesses that work to achieve our aims;

Organising and participating in special events that celebrate Skipton past and present.