4: Victoria Mill


 Many mills were built in the 19th century in Skipton, but these were mainly for Spinning or Weaving, starting, I believe, with Mr Dewhurst’s in 1831. Architecturally, however, possibly the finest Mill to be built in that century was that by Mr William Wilkinson in 1847 for the purpose of milling Corn – Victoria Mill. It was one of only two built for this purpose in Skipton, the other one being the historic Mediaeval Corn Mill on the lower slopes of Chapel Hill.
We are very fortunate that Victoria Mill has been preserved for the foreseeable future by its conversion into flats. Note how the original cast iron widow frames have been retained at ground floor level to serve as unglazed security barriers to the car parking area. Built on the banks of the Leeds Liverpool Canal, the Mill could be easily served and the conversion of the beautifully balanced façade, still expresses the original canal side loading doors at each floor level, along with the hoist beams at top floor level. Also note the elegant and sympathetically designed new pedestrian access bridge to the West of the building. Generally, I believe, a local building well worth admiring?
Barry Rawson, January 2014.