2: 32 Sheep Street

13 Sheep Street

32 Sheep Street

32 SHEEP STREET (Dacre, Son and Hartley)

The original building appears to be coeval with that of what is now St. Martin’s House shop to the South and probably of mid 19th Century construction.

The ground floor shop frontages however, are of more recent date. That to No 32, I would suggest, is of the early 20th century, probably Edwardian, say 1909?

What a superb ground floor frontage it is. Admire the very delicate hardwood window frames with their well executed carvings, the superb original access door and furniture and last but not least, the curved window glazing. To compliment these wonderful features, note the glazed tile plinth and fine artistically designed mosaic paving advertising the originators, Birdsall & Sons, who in many people’s memory, were jewellers in the Town. Thankfully, the present incumbents of the property, Dacre Son & Hartley, are preserving the frontage in very good order.

Barry Rawson, November 2013