"The Skipton in Craven Civic Society was formed in 1961 with the intention of actively maintaining the town’s unique character"

Who we are

Skipton-in-Craven Civic Society was formed in 1961 with the intention of actively maintaining the town’s unique character.  We have about two hundred members and depend entirely on volunteers.  Our shared office (unstaffed) is at St. Andrew’s Buildings, Newmarket Street, Skipton BD23 2JE.

The society was set up to foster civic pride and to encourage good planning that is not inappropriate due to its scale, materials, use or location.  We also promote better green spaces, retention and improvement of our heritage buildings and conservation areas, civic amenities and public education.

In 1961 we agreed 4 ways of achieving our goal of maintaining a town with its own unique character and these are still the aims of the society;

  1. Promoting high standards of planning and architecture affecting Skipton and the surrounding area;
  2. Educating the public in the geography, history, natural history and architecture of the area;
  3. Securing the preservation, protection, development and improvement of local features of historic or public interest;
  4. Using any means appropriate to pursue these objects including meetings, lectures, study groups, exhibitions and publications.

Over the years the Society has worked hard to achieve its goal with some success – repeated accolades have been won for Skipton with the Town Centre voted recently as ‘Best High Street’ and the town as “Best Place to Live”, “Most Neighbourly” and “Most Polite”,  endorsing Skipton’s unique character.


What we do

Our committee and members actively contribute to making Skipton one of the best places to live in Britain;

Monitoring and commenting on planning applications;

Promoting good urban design to meet local needs;

Contributing to development of the local planning framework;

Holding regular illustrated talks during the winter months (open to non-members as well as members);

Arranging trips to sites of interest;

Carrying out practical work on green spaces, such as tree planting or litter-picking;

Improving and conserving The Wilderness, Gawflatt Meadow and Mill Bridge open spaces;

Researching and debating issues to do with the local environment, built or natural, and local civic amenities;

Leading guided walks;

Producing publications that help residents and visitors find out more about the buildings, spaces, civic amenities and other features that help give Skipton its unique character;

Supporting the efforts of local groups or businesses that work to achieve our aims;

Organising and participating in special events that celebrate Skipton past and present.


Social media

The society has a Facebook page where you can keep up to date with society news and also interact with us wherever you may be.